8 Essential Tips For WordPress Beginners

WordPress is the first script that they have have installed online for the first website they have ever developed. As a result of this, many of wordPress beginners make a lot of basic mistakes.Using WordPress has always been easy but there are a few essential tips that must be taken into consideration. The beginners who adopt these tips are in for a lot of success and they can also see the results faster.

1.Secure Your WordPress Admin Area

We know the standard WordPress login page URL. The backend of the website is accessed from there, and that is the reason why people try to brute force their way in. Just add /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ at the end of your domain name and there you go. So, What I recommend you is to customize the login page URL and even the page’s interaction. That’s the first thing you have to do when you  start securing your website.

2. Make use of your sidebar

Your side bar might be stuffed with a hell lot of things. These include social media links, advertisements, photos and tweets. It is essential to make way for the useful link that you want your visitor to click on. For this purpose you need to go into the widgets and appearance tab and remove almost everything except the widgets that will actually help your cause.

3. Social Share Buttons Integration

Social media plays a vital role in a successful launch of any product. And as well as increasing the traffic to your website for that you need to make sure that users can find ways to connect with your website on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.You should confirm that social sharing plugins on your website are working properly.It’s also good to enable Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph meta-data, and social monitoring tools on your WordPress website.

4. Your images can work for you

Images can always add beauty as well as interest to all your pages. These images can also have a job of search engine optimization. Each and every time you upload an image to your website, you will have an opportunity to add any keyword in your alternate text fields and image title.

5. Make your library more accessible

Your media library must be converted into a much more organized and accessible place. This means that you must create an integrated folder where you can actually place all your media. For this you will just have to search in the keyword and the file that you are looking for will pop out.

 6. Maximize your targeted descriptions and title impact

When you share your pages and posts on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, these services can easily pick up a page description and title to go with the link that you share. The description and title is one of the most important text on your page. In order to get a much better control over what exactly appears in these results, you need to use an SEO optimization to edit the page description and title.

7. Clean up all permanent links

You actually work extremely hard to create a compelling content for your website. For this there are a few SEO basic that one can learn. You can also use the built in field of permalink that is provided by WordPress. This will help you to revise all your links before you actually go ahead and publish them.

 8. Pay close attention to the lowly footer

The foot area is one of the most forgotten areas as far as WordPress is concerned. This is where you can actually include a copyright message, information or a link to a very important page. You need to make very good use of this area.


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